What ingredients should be in Skincare products for dry skin?

These days we are more ingredient conscious and examine labels before we choose   what will end up  in our stomachs. Well what ingredients should you look for in a productif you want to to get rid of dry skin and hair? 

Well lets have a look at an ingredient that features in all of my product range.





Meaning "flower of flowers", is an essentialoil has a beautiful soothing aroma that has a long history as a very effective anti depressant and mood lifter. 

How can Ylang Ylang help your skin and hair?

Ylang Ylang benefits for Skin

1., Ylang Ylang oil balances the sebum (oil) production of your skin.. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, Ylang Ylang will help

2.. It is also useful in treating acne and its anti septic properties to help speed up the healing of acne wounds.

3. It can be used to clean and prevent infection because of its anti bacterial and anti septic properties

Ylang Ylang benefits for hair

1..Ylang Ylang can help prevent hair loss, because it has antiseptic properties that kill germs and irritants that cause hair loss..

2.Clears the hair follicles of stale oils due to its oil regulating properties.. 

3. Has antioxidant properties that reduce oxidative stress and cellular ageing in the scalp which cause hair weakening hence hair loss..

4. Has a stimulating effect on the scalp which will encourage hair growth.

5. Ylang Ylang can be used as part of a hot oil treatment, which will penetrate your hair follicles, strengthen hair and reduce hair shedding.

 So now you have an idea of what it does, I am proud to say that  Ylang Ylang is an ingredient in all of the Monshea range.. Are you ready to give it a try?

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Dry Skin care products, Why bother?!!

I recently read this article on Fashion IE website and wanted to share it with you. As Monshea range is made from one of the most moisturisng of natural plant oils,  and  suitable for those looking for dry skin care products, read on to see why Ncole Kidman thinks this is important.

Nicole Kidman talks about her dry skin. Australian actress, Nicole Kidman looks for “hydrating” beauty products because she has dry skin. The 50-year-old actress takes care of herself more now she’s getting older and the key factor when she’s looking for new beauty and skincare products is that they are “hydrating“. She told W magazine: “The thing is to be healthy. “Obviously, you need to use certain creams, and you need to use sunscreen, and you need to take care of yourself more. And that’s why even something that’s hydrating, because my skin tends to be dry, and my lips tend to be dry, so anything that says hydrating I’m like yes, please.” And the ‘Big Little Lies’ actress is teaching her young daughters, Sunday, nine, and six-year-old Faith – who she has with husband Keith Urban – to get into the habit of protecting their skin from harmful sun rays. She said: “Because I’m so fair, I recommend even my girls, like my little girls, they wear the sunscreen too, because one of them is dark, and one of them is fair. “I’m just so religious about it. It’s just how I was raised, and it’s why my skin now is, I think, far less damaged than it could have been. Because I still go to the beach, it’s not that I don’t go to the beach, and it’s not that I’m not outside.” Nicole – who also has adult children Isabella and Connor with ex-husband Tom Cruise – recently urged women wanting to have children to make sure they stay healthy for their kids, and explained it is more important to feel your best, rather than focusing on looking youthful. Nicole explained: “You want to have beautiful, healthy-looking skin and that’s what I think most women would desire. And, as much as we talk about anti-aging, it’s more that I want to feel vibrant.”



Shea oil V Shea butter for dry skin care, what is the best best natural face moisturizer?


Chances are, is by now you would have heard of the supreme moisturising abilities of Shea butter for face, and possibly tried some whether in its pure unrefined state, or as an ingredient in a moisturiser or hair product its one of the best natural skin care products.

However, have you heard of Shea oil?

How does Shea oil compare to Shea butter? Is it worth considering or even trying Shea oil if you are so happy with the benefits of Shea butter? Their both one of the  best natural face moisturizer.Can we say that Shea butter is much more superior and more effective than the oil?  

 Well to answer that question please think about what you love about the butter, but also what you find challenging about Shea butter whether you use it directly for yourself or if it is an ingredient you use when making products.

 Let’s start by looking at what Shea butter and Shea oil consists of.

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 Components of Shea butter & Shea oil

 All butters / oils are made up of fatty acids. Shea butter and Shea oil are made up of Stearic, Linoleic, Palmitic & Oleic, fatty acids.  

Stearic acid gives it the waxy, solid consistency.

 Linoleic acid (vitamin F) produces ceramides. This plays a vital role in keeping your skin strong and resilient. It contributes to protecting the outer skin & acts as an anti-inflammatory, acne reducer and moisture retainer.

Oleic fatty acid tend to be very moisturizing and regenerating to our skin. They often offer anti-inflammatory properties and mimic our natural sebum.  It is absorbed well by the skin, which offers softening and moisturizing effects.

  As a fatty acid, palmitic acid can act as an emollient. It can soften the skin and help it retain moisture by forming an oily, water blocking layer that slows the loss of water through the skin. This can improve dry and flaky skin as well as conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Unrefined Shea Butter contains approximately: 

43% stearic acid
46% oleic acid
7% linoleic acid
4% palmitic acid   

Shea Oil contains approximately:
27% stearic acid
59% oleic acid
9% linoleic acid
5% palmitic acid


What is the difference between Shea butter and Shea oil?

  Shea oil is the liquid version of Shea butter. It is fractionated from Shea butter by removing some of the stearin.  As a result you get higher levels of fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid, and lower levels of stearic acid.  Shea oil remains liquid at 20˚C. 

 Benefits of shea oil.

1. Shea oil is more moisturizing for our skin, thanks to the oleic acid content which is higher in the oil than it is in Shea butter.

2.   Shea oil is easy to apply as it has a much softer texture

3.   Your skin may feel more oily initially. But will absorb the oil leaving your skin softer and giving you a radiant long lasting glow very quickly.

4.    Shea oil does not get as hard as the butter so it a much easier product to work with. So if you do not mind the consistency of your products changing, you do well to consider replacing Shea butter with Shea oil.

5.   Shea oil will cut down the cost (you do not need to mix other products with the Shea oil to soften it) and cut down the time to make products .

6.  You do not have the to deal with the scent you get with un refined Shea butter.


Monshea™ skin and hair range is made from Shea oil.






20 Benefits of Shea Butter and Shea Oil

Have you heard that Shea butter is good for you? How can Shea butter oil improve your skin and hair?  

Here are 20 reasons why you should incorporate Shea butter and Shea oil into your regular beauty and dry skin care routine:

The benefits of Shea butter and Shea oil:

  • penetrates and moisturises hair and skin
  • can be used on dry itchy, bumpy scalps
  • leaves hair soft
  • can be used as deep conditioner
  • fades scars
  • evens skin tone
  • makes skin soft
  • get rids of shaving bumps
  • contains vtamin a retinol anti ageing
  • improves appearance of wrinkles
  • anti inflammatory & analgesic properties
  • oil is good slip for massage
  • reduces muscular pains & aching joints
  • composition of oil excellent for babies skin
  • completely natural
  • improves appearance of stretch marks
  • apply oil on wet hair and acts as a detangler
  • suitable for eczema and dermatitis
  • fades age spots